Oooo Trouble

Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Digital Download 12″ Single

DefCon PsyOps

Oooo trouble… what a messy fuss, it’s treacherous,
Oooo trouble… it happens to the best of us,
Oooo trouble… run feet, and keep from off front street,
Oooo trouble… or else be in some deep shit with more fishes to sleep with.

What a year,
our president’s a child and our children are beyond queer,
our phones are their eyes and their ears, and
big brother’s got bigger brothers – they’re here,

they make music in the key of minors, we
run like wrist watches, small timers,
even with body doubles, they’re finna find us,
hiding in a bowl of rice, big trouble in Little China,

our government says, time to play, as
long as they get paid the day after yesterday,
this new now ain’t going away, their
state is like mercury, in permanent retrograde,

abductions are the new norm,
fuck a whistle, blow a bugle or a flugelhorn,
all communiqué must be coded into new forms,
bypass the tracking devices in our newborns.


Fuck me, since the 1940s?
Their secrets didn’t die with Hitler and Goring,
#OperationPaperclip became their favorite sortie, it
got ’em technology and stem cells from our abortees,

talk about traitors for hire, they
walk a fine line like a bird on a wire, and
if we’re all gonna have to walk through the fire,
you’re either ignorant or in on it, stupid or liar,

and there it is, a test for us all.
Are you complicit or rebel with a cause?
Star Wars prophecy, the Serenity clause – the
house can’t win if all bets are off,

fuck class, gender, hate and racist jive, if
you’re with them, you’re not one of mine,
they own the media, it won’t be televised,
but this revolution is going hella live.


those turncoats are repugnant, for
bastardizing our laws and poisoning our government,
diplomatic immunity ends with our covenant,
if you’re not with us, you’re against the republic.

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