Boris The Emcee

NAME: Boris Marx
ALIASES: Boris the Emcee, Illya Tucci, the bear
D.O.B.: 7/26/54, Ukraine
HEIGHT: 6’2″
OCCUPATIONS: ex-KGB agent, prodemcee, philosopher
EDUCATION: the planet Earth

EXPERIENCE: Boris was born and bred in the KGB (Soviet Secret Police.) a prodigy built on the corruption of cold war russia, he was the ideal agent until some ethical slips landed him in the role of refugee. he escaped from Ukraine with his wife-to-be just as he was about to be eliminated by the Soviet government. for 10 years, he wandered america searching for the next step…
it was about 3 years ago that boris bumped into irish martharscot in a bar, where in a confrontational setting, they battled (which is documented in song–“clash in the cantina,” and “bar brawl”–on their upcoming album, “can a brother get a greencard?”) and and eventually became friends. about a year after that, they met up with jonathan toth and formed “the frozen food section.”