“Limited Vinyl” D. Original Hip Hop Show recorded LIVE on WTPC in 1996

Are You There God? It’s Me, Toth… Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Bandits by NECKTIE DJ Mike G

Book of Toth Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Bottle Full O’Bourbon Earthworms

Brainstrumentals Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Brainwashing Jonathan Toth from Hoth

C.H.A.O.S. and Cannibalism Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Carnival of Sols Hearskra-Z

Chuck Norris (the beard fist way) DJ Mike G, Jonathan Toth from Hoth, Tucker Booth

Circumsizing the Industry Space

Conspiracy Theory Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Conspiracy Theory EP Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Death of the Empire by J-Toth from Hoth (on rebel data disc) Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Devil May Care WilNeverTell

EngLbuRt Instruments Vol. 1 EngLbuRT

EngLbuRt Instruments Vol. 2 EngLbuRT

EngLbuRt Instruments Vol. 3 EngLbuRT

EngLbuRt Instruments Vol. 4 EngLbuRT

Episode 2 Attack of the Moans Whoremoans

ExBoyfriend Tucker Booth

Fast Living Serengeti

Ghost Whirl Jonathan Toth from Hoth, MF DOOM

Greatest Hits Heavyset

Homemade Junk, Vol. II DJ Mahf

Hooded Headed Medics PlagueDoctor

Hug the Block Huggie Brown

In the Company of Toth [REMIX ALBUM] Dj Crucial, Hi-Fidel, Jonathan Toth from Hoth

In the Company of Tothstrumentals… Jonathan Toth from Hoth

KamaToth Cocktales Jonathan Toth from Hoth, Kama

M.A.T.H. Maji

Men With Beards DJ Mike G, Tucker Booth


My Car Talk by Tef Poe feat. Toth and Tommy Monte

Nancy The Nancy Boys

No Arms No Legs Just a Head and a Body Earthworms

Noodle-Arm Whimsy Serengeti

Perfect Fuck-Ups Tax Free Maphia

Presidentstrumentals Tucker Booth

Rez-Election Tucker Booth

SICK BOYS Dj Crucial, Jonathan Toth from Hoth

SickSTRUMENTALS Dj Crucial, Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Sinnovation Pandelerium

Swift Family Robinzen Jonazen Swift

TDB 4 President Tucker Booth

The Breakdown by Family Affair feat. J-Toth from Hoth

The First Impression Robb Humpp

The Frozen Food Section LIVE at Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO 12/4/2004

The Lovecycle Jonathan Toth from Hoth

The Lovestrumentals Jonathan Toth from Hoth

Underated presents Volume 1 Underated

Valet Tucker Booth

Waiting for the DJ Mixtape DJ Mike G

WhatItLookLike? (single) A Double

Will Rap 4 Food Tucker Booth