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Born and raised in the red brick kingdom of St. Louis city, Mike G quickly took to the ways of urban life. The sounds of the city became the backdrop for his reign of youthful terror and eventually the inspiration for his beastly musical creations. After enlisting and coordinating the collaborative powers of many of St. Louis’ resident MCs in creating what may be the first entirely-live recorded mixtape, Waitin for the DJ Live, he turned his sights towards a more devious sort of project. To help him unleash his musical fury, he sought out a man whose warped lyrical style could find a home amongst Mike’s twisted instrumental creations. That man was Tucker Booth. Still, the Waitin for the DJ Live project had revealed the powerful effect of hip-hop collaboration, so the duo called in every favor they had to secure backup support from the likes of Jonathan Toth from Hoth, Black Spade, T.Shirt, Scripts N Screwz, and more. This veritable rogues gallery became infamously known as the Men With Beards. The group released two albums to general acclaim – The Dark Side EP and the Men With Beards LP. Recognition of these projects opened the door for Mike to some fruitful collaborations on solo projects from T.Shirt, Jonezy, and others. Not long after, however, Mike retreated underground for reasons unknown. Recent rumors suggest that he has taken refuge in a well-guarded hideout somewhere in the Arizona wilderness (perhaps scheming towards some eventual villainous reemergence). If you have any knowledge as to the whereabouts of DJ Mike G or his secret desert laboratory, please contact the Frozen Food Section immediately. He is to be considered unarmed, but dangerous and of unstable mental footing.

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Tucker Booth is a man of many talents. While out and about in his hometown of St. Louis, you might find him playing street music for tips on Delmar Boulevard, rapping with his fellow Frozen Foods in the club, rehabbing rundown homes in the Maplewood area, or putting shingles on the palatial mansions of West County with college roofers. Booth discovered the stage at an early age, performing in talent shows and musicals throughout middle school, and then starring in a number of plays during high school and college. His love of music and theatre created an easy transition to front-man and lead singer for several bands in the St. Louis area. In 2001 Booth joined forces with Jonathan Toth from Hoth, adding his creative talents to The Frozen Food Section. He has served as lead vocalist, publicist, promoter, and concert booker for Frozen Food since 2002. Booth and Toth have released 8 albums to date: Will Rap 4 Food (2003), Tucker Booth 4 President (2004), Valet (2006), ExBoyfriend (2009), ExFiles (2010), The Dark Side EP and Men With Beards (2011). His 8th release is a compilation of previously unreleased acoustic ballads entitled Loves, which is available for free download from their website.

Tucker Now Lives In Redondo Beach, CA with his family and is currently booking shows and selling his music independently. For booking or sales info email or callĀ (424) 400-9399.

He writes for, “Tucker Booth Needs A Blog” and

He emcees and hosts Mondays from 4:00 to 7pm (St. Lou time) on

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