PlagueDoctor is a hip-hop quartet based out of Bellingham, WA. Members include: WillneverTell, an emcee formerly of local legends The Wilson Project, and Haunted Authors; Lighthouse, a producer/emcee new to the Bellingham scene with mad raw talent; 8 Track Mind, a producer formerly of The Wilson Project and many cerebral-beat-laced solo projects; and the atmospheric scratch styling of APD, also known as Serv Stacks.
Inspired by their shared affinity for dim bars, dark humor, lights-at-the-ends-of-tunnels and an ever-growing desire to cure hip hop from the growing threat of being boring as fuck. PlagueDoctor makes folk music made of hard, sharp beats for a lost generation damned by all things digital. Sweet, sad and lovely poetry that was born in the waters, woods and pavement of the Pacific Northwest. Washed in endless rain, and dried by herbal campfires; PlagueDoctor makes hip hop.

PlagueDoctor is affiliated with the local record label known as ZAPNOW Records and studio. ZAPNOW is founded and run by Tony Zapien, who’s generous contributions to the local hip-hop scene are tremendous and span more than a decade.


PlagueDoctor is ready to see you now.

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