Space the Cashdronaut, the bigger Swisher twister, so high, I’m passin’ bud to the chic on the moon from Miller, now I’m a introduce myself, cause y’all ain’t familiar, I get gorilla on the liquor, so I’m a Swisher kisser. It’s the dealer of sensimilla, niggas know I got killa, still a seed and stick picker, while I’m blowin’ on indica. This’ll get you home quicker than that vodka and mixer, have you on the road trippin’, and the cops come and get’cha. Yeah my dope be costin’ a lot, I like to choke the smoke that make you cough and caught in a thought on whatever you call it, weed, green, rope or just pot, make the time go slow like when you stare at the clock. Homies that know me say I only blow the dodie, see me floatin’ down 40, fast car, cat card, got a Cuddie, it’s a oldie.

Space, one of the great eighth smokers of the world partner, got that Uncle Tom, sell-out marijuana, shit’s proper.