Whoremoans moved around a lot as a military brat and eventually landed in the Mid West. Having been active in the hip hop scene in and surrounding St. Louis for many years, he is recognized for his intense energy and persistent attitude. He can be found battling local emcees on the sidewalk, performing on stage at various venues in the area, even appearing in store for a show at Vintage Vinyl to promote his sophomore album “Episode II: Attack of the Moans”. Including a guest appearance from Jonathan Toth from Hoth and production from Splitface (crew 932), his passion for music is sincere, playing instruments to produce some of his own beats. This is a must have album for any true underground hip hop fan. Setting up his own tour for the summer of 2008, Whoremoans is charging ahead to make his presence known in hip hop. If he is anywhere near as victorious as he is in his battles, he will not go unnoticed or unheard.
-B Smooth

Featuring songs such as “Pizza Pie Drive By,” and “Mecha Mechanics,” Belleville hip hop artist Whoremoans combined energy and humor into his Friday night performance at Vintage Vinyl.
Whoremoans released his second CD, “Episode 2: Attack of the Moans,” at an in-store release party at 7 p.m.
The performance was high energy, and the audience was kept laughing at Whoremaons’ constant jokes and puns.
Whoremoans describes himself as, “Not nerdy enough for nerdcore, not ignorant enough to be political…just good hip hop.”
Whoremoans writes his music based on his life. As he says, “It’s cheap therapy. People pay me to give me therapy.”
The release party was held at VIntage Vinyl-an independent record store located on Delmar. The store sells rare and hard-to-find CD and vinyl records, and also has a raised platform which functions as an in-store stage. In the past they’ve had artists such as Chingy, Rob Zombie, Evanesence, and Linkin Park sign autographs and perform in-store.

Whoremoans chose Vintage Vinyl for its popularity, but also because, as he says, “People buy stuff here. So I figured if I did a show where people buy stuff they’d be pre-engrained to just go ahead and buy (my CD).”

By five minutes after seven, a small group of about ten people had gathered around the makeshift stage at the back of the store. As Whoremoans started his performance with “Pizza Pie Drive By,” more people trickled in, and customers shopping in the store headed towards the stage. By the time he started his second song the audience had nearly doubled in size.

Whoremoans’ music catches attention through his use of humor and witty word play. On stage, he performed with energy and kept the audience laughing throughout the half-hour show.

Three guest artists performed with Whoremaons. Rapper B-smooth stayed on stage through the whole show, providing back up vocals. He also guest appeared in a verse of “Pizza Pie Drive By.” Artists Less and Essince performed with Whoremoans in “What’s That Sound,” adding their energy to the performance.

When asked what he thought of the show, audience member Bobby Williams said, “I enjoyed the show. I enjoyed seeing (my friend) Brian (Essince)-he did a great job. I really enjoyed the music production.”

As he added another record to his growing stack of albums to purchace, he added jokingly, “And I enjoy the records.”