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EARTHWORMS began in the basement of a Webster Groves house that had, up until this point, been the fertile breeding ground for the creation of music by the mighty CORE PROJECT. Members of CP had begun the long road to disbanding in favor of new projects, while KAMA (a member of Core Project) had been hooking up with BLACK PATRICK (a B-Boy for LOJIC and an untapped emcee) and making some keyboard beats to record rhymes over. Within a couple of weeks, MATHIAS (ex ART THUGS / JIVE TURKEY) had come back to STL from an ill-fated residency in Los Angeles and stumbled into what became a hotbed of creativity. Together they wrote and recorded what amounted to a full length album in the span of two months. The beats were not the greatest.. only a couple of them were interesting enough to keep at the end of the day, as they were made by rappers with no prior beat making experience. It was, in the group’s eyes, a blueprint of what we were capable of doing. As it happens, the guy who actually owned the computer with all of our files stored on it moved to Chicago.. and in the process, erased the hard drive of any and all music we had produced and recorded. Only a few songs were salvaged, two of which you will find on EWMSdebut album – “No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body”. They are called “Que Sera” and “She Said She’d Make You So Happy.”

While the original recordings were being erased, Core Project had decided it wasn’t quite time to break up and hired Mathias on as their new co-frontman. EWMS was all but forgotten over the next year, as Mathias and Kama were focused 100% on CP. Determined to make the band’s potential come to fruition, there was no spare energy for a side project… until one day it became apparent that they weren’t going to have any new CP songs to write to and the band would eventually break up after another six months. Before the end of CP was made official however, Mathias had been getting beats together for the rebirth of Earthworms. BLACK PATRICK soon came back into the fold and DJ MAHF was recruited for his excellent turn-tablery. MAHF had been, and is currently manning the decks for the rock band – ESSENCE OF LOGIC, as well as styling out J-TOTH’S and TUCKER BOOTH’S performances. We quickly found a home recording our new songs with J-TOTH at the Cooler. The chemistry was undeniable and we found out that artistically – we fit right in with The Frozen Food Section. The label took us in, and after a solid six months of writing and recording we have a shiny new album to show for it. “No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body” is 18 tracks deep and features production from the FFS’s own ENGLEBURT, along with CAPO of PERFECT STRANGERS, Columbia’s THE 40 THIEVES, and the two tracks produced by KAMA from the original sessions. The album sounds like it came from the late 90’s west coast underground, with its melodic and whimsical production paired with no-rules rapping and song structures. Guest spots on the record include HI-FIDEL, SO’ N’ SO (Midwest Avengers), JONATHON TOTH FROM HOTH, CAPO, JASON BASS (Groovaholics / Jive Turkey), PAULIE GIRL (Royal Illete), OC CHOPPA (Orange County Ca.), and HUGGIE BROWN. Peep it now.

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  1. Jive Turkey, “Demo” – 1999, 2000
  2. Core Project, “United” – 2001
  3. Jive Turkey, “Post-Modern Ambition” – 2001
  4. Core Project, “Fluid Foreward Motion” – 2001
  5. Heroine Shiek, “Self Titled” – 2001
  6. Art Thugs, “Surviving and Building” – 2002
  7. Perfect Strangers, “Tripos” – 2002
  8. Bits N’ Pieces, “BNP Extreme” – 2002
  9. Art Thugs, “Fantastic – The Mixtape” – 2003
  10. EARTHWORMS, “No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body” – 2005, 2006
  11. Fletch, “Conversations” – 2006
  12. The Frozen Food Section, “Nancy” – 2006
  13. The 40 Thieves, “The Grass is Greener” – 2006

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  1. Core Project, “United” – 2001
  2. Jive Turkey, “Post-Modern Ambition” – 2001
  3. Core Project, “Fluid Foreward Motion” – 2001
  4. Art Thugs, “Surviving and Building” – 2002
  5. Core Project, “No Spokes” – 2003
  6. Tucker Booth, “Tucker Booth For President” – 2004
  7. EARTHWORMS, “No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body” – 2005, 2006
  8. The Frozen Food Section, “Nancy” – 2006
  9. The 40 Thieves, “The Grass is Greener” – 2006

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  1. “Homemade Junk vol. I” – 2002
  2. “Fader Funk” – 2002
  3. “Live At Stumblefest” – 2002
  4. Essence of Logic, “The Larry Elliot EP” – 2003
  5. “After Hours vol. I” – 2003
  6. “MBS-Mixes” – 2003
  7. Essence of Logic, “What’s The Story?” – 2004
  8. Jonathon Toth From Hoth, “The Lovecycle” – 2005
  9. EARTHWORMS, “No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body” – 2005, 2006
  10. The Frozen Food Section, “Nancy” – 2006
  11. Tucker Booth, “Valet” – 2006
  12. Serengeti and J-Toth, “Deadbeat Dads” – 2006
  13. “Homemade Junk vol. II” – 2006
  14. “Hours After w/ Helias” – 2006
  15. Tucker Booth and Helias, “Ex-Boyfriend” – 2006

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  1. Tucker Booth, “Tucker Booth For President” – 2004
  2. EARTHWORMS, “No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body” – 2005, 2006

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