Carnival of Sols


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No thoughts come across the same way/same wave/same page/different reads on the gauge/is me or the haze/this bog/thick fog/sicka then tha bitch getting tipped just to lick balls/predicted pit falls/I have/my bad/6 kids use the same water when they take a bath/its sad/and red flag 4 tha dad/dead mad like arab/when I stabbed thru my stash/is it gone or was it even there/all he gave me was a stone and some receding hair/on my shoulders carry boulders like a cave troll/you get ya privileges only after ya pay the slave toll/is there a layaway 4 life/how could it stay nice/cause opposites attract and often wit a smack/and it’ll lay ya on ya back before ya thought u could react/goddamn…insert laugh(that jeezy HA HA!)/I think my sensors smashed/my walk ascends a dash/but if I move too fast/I might commence to crash/but the suspense is crack/and an addict him that/so I’ma run up on that track and smash dat train still intact/a gun don formed from off his back my horde forewarned the attack/what was the reason for the lapse in relax/synaptic snap then ya black/hero sterility/we go pro villainy/gotta get that scrilly cheese/powder mix not really me/these niggas really killa me/and whole lotta others/while eatin prada butta/and we can not recover/so me I gotsta love ya/they say to get it while its hot/lemme sit in that lava bubble/don’t cause no lotta trouble/if u ain’t hearin me/just let me freak ya frequency frequently clear and clean/flows getting killer mean/and within that pun mean bundy/air out ya dirty laundry/what cha think that smell gon bring/and the shit gets thick real quickly/like beyonce to stiffies/and I’m not even believing ripley whats real indeed/cause a whole lotta die/from a low lot of lies/but as long as I’m alive I’ma speak that atomic fire/like a bubonic pyre/sickness mixed with the fire/from which in here I rise/contrast the blackest light/twice sacrifice my life to suffice the blight that I’ve enticed thru spite/gotta get filthy or my people won’t feel me/steppin off the steeple just to bring the wings out/a tear drops liquidless while this here icarus existence gets beamed out/I think I’m feelin clean now/hear the serene sound of dreams drowned/from the demons tryin to bring down/cause I won’t go like james brown/ kings crown on its lean now/as I stroll this green mile/dodgin cracks in the tiles/smoking stacks of dem pounds/till my lungs turn black and I collapse to the ground/just askin why?

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