Album release parties and other shennanigans…

Here are the dates for you to save

December 18th, Thursday at midnight rebel street team promotion:
Meet at The Cooler around 10pm, gear up to attend premieres around St. Louis as Jedis. All volunteers will be given 100 rebel data discs to hand out to movie goers. The code is: “many men died to bring you this information.” Give one disc per family or couple. Any leftover discs are to be deposited in front of cash registers at the local music store. Copies will be free with any purchase.

December 26th, Saturday Cooler Party for album release:
From 8-2am, come to The Cooler and meet fellow Frozen Foodies and associates. We will be celebrating the our network and enjoying good art. Tucker Booth is in town, and he brought BEER.
$5 all you can drink, or BYOB.

December 29th, Tuesday album release concert at Mangia:
J-Toth plays album and performs with Tucker Booth. Tucker also compliment battles Words Babylon. DJ Alexis and DJ Flexx have sets as well.

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