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  1. Waiting for Tucker to start commenting

  2. Frozen food section site is almost done. Let’s us know if you see anything that needs fixing.

    • sorry for the wait.

    • The site looks great. Please add a link to the Pandelerium page as follows if possible…….. Pandeleriumd emcee and dj are now in a live hip hop/reggae band. To hear some demo tracks click the link

      Thx hopefully I’m sending this to the right person If not I’ll shoot it to j-toth

      • Lookout fellow frozen foodies, papas got a brand new bag and it seems to be overflowing with music,promo ideas, and new colabo possibilities for all of my colden crew. Let’s knock knock or dust off the bass if you will in the near future. New albums and songs coming soon. I’m hungry as he’ll so let’s thaw out some items from the cooler and serve them shits up hot! Ok enough puns for now. On to das music

  3. Are we good to go?

  4. …and Bingo was his name-O.

  5. I befouled the restroom. Sorry guys.


  7. The bestest of the best!! The site is awesome! can we add “knock knock” to the free HEAVYSET downloads?

  8. This site is out of this world!

    • out of this world like a fox

    • On October 3, thirty high soochl students from Mount Si’s Key Club visited the homes of two elderly folks in North Bend. Armed with gloves, garden tools, and determination ..they set out to offer assistance to these homeowners where the labor had simply become too big an obstacle. The students split and stacked firewood, trimmed overgrown bushes and hedges, brought garden beds back to objects of beauty, raked leaves, and filled an enormous trailer with discarded and rotting lumber that was taken to the dump. The best part of this endeavor was the smiles and hugs given by the homeowners to these high soochl Key Clubbers. That so many showed up at their homes to Pay it Forward was overwhelming and one of the most heart-warming experiences I have seen. Way to go Mount Si Key Club!

  9. No problem HEAVY.

  10. Site looks killer! Smooth layout.
    Can we get Men With Beards under the MikeG discography?

  11. What happened to the HEAVYSET logo on the front page?

  12. I’m putting your album cover above your tracks, so it’s not so confusing, and I’ll add Knock, Knock too…where should we put St. Louis?

  13. Site is looking great, good people.And a wealth of clickable greatness.

  14. Check Out Leaks from the Sequel to TDB 4 President ‘RezElection’ on Frozen Cooler Radio c/o You Tube. Here is ‘Bum Rap’ written and produced by J-Toth ft TDB:

  15. Placing Call Options, TDB ft Huggie Brown, Beat by Nodzilla (DJ Needles)

  16. ‘Hope You Can Hear Me’ on Cooler Radio, Huggie Brown, TDB, J-Toth:

  17. I Heart The Gentle Aesthetics and Smooth Fluid Amenities Of This Site Now. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Benjamin!!!! One Love.

  18. I’m sitting here with Logan admiring it. Nice job Ben.

  19. It’s An Ill Wind That Blows No Good by J-Toth from ‘Brainwashing: The Art Of Hip Hopera’ on Cooler Radio:

  20. Who Cares? off of Valet ft TDB and J-Toth w/ Tif Anderson:

  21. Hot One Today In L.A. Heard It’s Been In The 90s in STL. Global Warming: Fuck Yeah!!!

  22. Space and J-Toth ‘We Got The Good Good’ from Circumsizing The Industry:

  23. How Do I Get My Pic Up On My Profile Boys? I Want A Normal One Too. No Rap Palsy Hands or Pink Polo Shirts, Capiche???

  24. We’ve got to figure out a way to hook up with these British Battle Rap Promoters at Don’t Flop…like Yesterday!

  25. Brrrrr, it’s pretty cold up in here, props gentlemen.

  26. what a great start to a great frozen year! i’ll see ya soon Jtoth!

  27. Sweaty Ass Message Board

  28. Good Morning Frozen Friends! Happy Belated Easter Sunday. Hope The Cadburrys were X-tra Nasty….Congrats 2 Bubba Watson on Winning The Masters, Too!!!

    • Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your irtsneet in our iPad Contest. Based on user feedback we’ve made some technical adjustments, and we would like for you to try entering again. There are 3 components to an entry you must be a registered user of My Inspired Wedding and be logged in. Once you Like our Facebook page, the entry form will appear.Please do try entering again (and remember you can enter everyday!). Let us know if you still have problems. Thanks!

  29. Thanks Joe!

  30. Knock Knock…

  31. i hope all is well. watch the 9am tim ezell show tomorrow morning and see my main mans new band, TKO BAND! performing live also at pops blue moon april21….taking over the world! knockknock!!!

  32. avatar?…knock knock?…..gently

  33. word up! thanks Jonathan!

  34. lets see if it works this time….trying the new heavyset avatar

  35. Almost got the new Cooler built. I’ll be up and running by next week. Sorry I’ve been so incommunicado.

  36. can’t wait to get that new music crackin. HEAVYSET + INNOVATION = GET READY

  37. I’m calling out all battle rappers who think they can defeat Me, TDB, as I defend my Emcee Battle Champion title at SLUMFEST 3 this June 16th at Atomic Cowboy:

  38. Well after years of hiding under a giant slab of granite I have decided to reemerge and give the universe more tunage. Here’s a track off of Engleburt Instruments Ver:7.1_12 called L’Ospite

  39. Friggin’ right buRt. Nice ones.

  40. you run your mouth, i’ll run my business.
    killer, buRt!

  41. just confirmed another show for my trip back to stl in june. i’ll be playing on thurs. june 14th at pop’s blue moon on the hill in south st louis, friday at spirits in alton, illinois in old town down by the riverboat, and saturday june 16th at slumfest 3 @ atomic cowboy with j toth, big fish, heavyset, mikegdammit, and slumfest magazine. emcee battle at the end of the night where i defend my title from 2011. bring the ruckus.

  42. i also concur on the burt beats. super dope. can’t wait to collab again.

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