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  1. Why I’m Voting For Tucker Booth
    Rezelection Liner Notes
    By Ben Westhoff

    So many people slag Tucker Booth. Rappers, journalists, cops. It’s easy. His teeth are weird, he wears swim trunks and flip-flops when it’s cold out, and you’re more l…
    ikely to find him busking than holding down a job. Give him an inch, and he’ll borrow your car for a week and bring it back with a dented fender and an empty tank. Back when I lived in St. Louis he’d crash on my couch for weeks at a time, annoying me by coming back at all hours drunk. If I wrote about him in the Riverfront Times he’d whine until I wrote about him again. He held grudges, too. One critic said he didn’t like Tucker’s first album, Will Rap For Food, and Tucker still whines about it to this day.
    So why do so many people indulge him? Because he’s charismatic. I’ve seen him win over dubious St. Louis car show attendees by rhyming “messiah” with “get higher,” and he’s impressed rap-hating friends of mine with animated performances. In person he’s full of dirty jokes, sports trivia and sober reflection when the situation calls for it. He likes what he likes and doesn’t apologize for it; if he digs the new Bow Wow track he’ll say so.
    I believe we’re kindred musical spirits. Shortly after we met in 2004 he played me Tucker Booth 4 President, and I loved it. The title track, “Born High,” “Funny Hooks” and “Fast Living (fat children remix)” captured my imagination as much as anything I’ve heard. The CD maintains a silly/dramatic balance, and is imaginative and inspired throughout. It’s a cliché to talk about rap that doesn’t take itself too seriously – and make no mistake, Tucker takes himself very seriously – but Tucker Booth 4 President works because it’s an honest portrayal of who he is. Often when I hear a Rhymesayers and Definitive Jux CD I think, “Tucker’s got as nice a flow as Aesop Rock or Slug, and his imagery is kooky and unique. Where is his record deal?”
    Now that it’s time for Rezelection, Tucker’s life has changed. He’s moved to L.A. He’s married. And he’s not quite as drunk or high. It’s not easy to watch some people grow up, but maturity looks good on Tucker. He no longer needs to act crazy to win folks over; empathy does the same trick. Call it change we can believe in.

  2. Attention TDB & FFS Fans: There Is A Simple Way You Can Show Your Love 4 Us. Simply Text ‘Tucker’ to 55678 to Vote 4 Us To Win A 2012 Extension Van c/o Chevy Music Showcase St. Louis. Also Be Sure To Check Out My New Band Buzz Blog on the CMS FB page!/chevymusicSTL Every Time Someone Texts My Name In For The Contest Another Angel Gets Their Wings In Heaven. Thanks For Your Consideration.

  3. CMS Band Buzz Blog #2 The Frozen Food Section’s Top 5 Favorite Music Venues:

  4. 2 FFS STL Shows Now Booked: Weds. Oct 3rd at The Gramaphone Tucker Booth & Frozen Food Section ft Tax Free and John Maxfield Band from 9-2 a.m. $5 cover. Thurs. Oct 4th TDB and John Maxfield play an Acoustic Night at Pop’s Blue Moon from 8-1 a.m. $3 cover. Please attend and Spread The Word.

  5. SLUMFEST HIP HOP AWARDS VOTING BALLOT: Please Vote ‘Tucker Booth’ for Best Hip Hop Artist and ‘The Frozen Food Section’ for Best Hip Hop Crew and ‘Paul Bunyan’ by Men With Beards as Best Hip Hop Video. Every Vote Counts. Thanks Grandkids!!!

  6. New Free Podcast Download of The Not So Shy John Show ‘Hip Hop and Politics’ with Co Host TDB and FFS Music Galore:

  7. Frozen Food Section is cold chillin’

  8. Octoberfrozenfest. New instrumentals from “In the Company of Toth” on the front page too…

  9. Gramophone show was great! Thanks to all that came out!

  10. NEW TOTH VIDEO: “Romancing the Grindstone”

  11. Great video Toth! I saw Die Antwood last thursday, BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!

  12. S.L.U.M.Fest 2013, Saturday, June 15…let’s hope Tucker Booth wins the triple crown. I’ll be performing at 4pm on the street stage.

  13. Robb Humpp up in hrrr…

  14. Overrated is the opposite of undeRRated.

  15. J-Toth from Hoth Nov 15, 2013
    8:42 pm

    NEW VIDEO: Questioning Integrity from the upcoming album CONSPIRACY THEORY…

  16. LOVE the new J-Toth video!!!!

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