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  1. How can hiphop be dead if the frozen food section is forever?

  2. Kama: You Will Always Be Frozen Family. Come Back From Where Thou Art, Oh Brudder. The Black Keys Await You….Gently. Heavy: Frozen Is To Calculus What God Is To Jesus. Infinite. Believe Like Lebron. Fuck a Kyle Beachy.

  3. i know im almost as hermity as toth can be sometimes, but i made a new ep and will be playing at the firebird on the 20th. new ep is yonder

  4. Good to see you too Moans. Here’s some free download love from “The Lovestrumentals”:
    Toth on first harmonies, Tucker on second harmonies, Rob Getzschman on third harmonies and ending. Scratches by Heilas [RIP].

  5. Great Geti Track with Buck 65 and Sufjan Stevens:

  6. the care packages of destiny just keep on coming. 401k eat your heart out. or go write another blog about dr. dre’s new mansion. because that’s integral.

  7. 2 All Our Frozen Fans Out There: Keep Sharing/Burning/Bootlegging our Music 4 Your Hip Friends. We Love 2 Entertain You But We Need Your Help Spreading Our Frozen Dope To The Masses. Let’s Make A Concerted Effort To Spread The Love This Summer. Your Grandparents Here @ The FFS Are Proud Of You.

  8. Let’s Do It 4 Kyle ‘Wee Man’ Beachy….The Littlest Batttle Smack Writer We Know.

  9. 2 Tickets 2 Paradise, Indeed!

  10. St. Louis area – hot off the presses airing tomorrow night!

    “A 30 minute, prime-time commercial free special program on KMOV – Channel 4. THURSDAY, JULY 26th 7:30PM. The Chevy Music Showcase Special goes behind the scenes and brings the St Louis music scene to life using your words and music!”

    I know my good friends at CMS are going to include our song ‘Tucker Booth 4 President’ in the live broadcast and also hope to catch more of our hilarious interview footage from Atomic Cowboy with Jonathan Getzschman and Union Tree Review

    If you are a TDB or Frozen Food Section supporter please re-post this and if you live in the STL area catch in live on KMOV 4 at 7:30 and DVR it to show to your friends. Thank You to Chevy Music Showcase St. Louis and KMOV for all of this. WINNING!!!

  11. Toth mixtape? YES!!! Chevy music? YES!!! underated? YES!!!! The instrumentals? YES!!!

  12. Just listened to the whole mixtape, I likey.

  13. Toth and Tucker, channel four looks good on you!

  14. Here is the You Tube link to our TV spot c/o Chevy Music Showcase St. Louis and Atomic Cowboy:

  15. Church. Sweat. Tabernacle.

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