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  1. AND…seeing how it’s Tucker Booth’s birthday and all…here’s his latest album: “REZ-ELECTION” featuring Huggie Brown and Teresa Jenee, with production from EngLebuRt, Underated, J-Toth, Nodzilla, Stoney Rock and Kenautis Smith. Go here:

  2. Tucker Booth for president!

  3. In case you guys didn’t hear, Tucker won his second S.L.U.M.Fest emcee battle. That’s two years in a row…Frozen Food legacy beard.

  4. No avatar love?

  5. I Like Chicken 4 Lunch

  6. KamaToth Cocktales was a blast to record with Toth, im wondering if i ever got a solo artist spot in the FFS, turns out, im still living in the shadows of earthworms on this site. Well KamaToth Cocktales was a blast. Toth your still the man!!! Even if my solo ish didnt make your list.

    • Dude You Are The Wind Beneath Our Wings. We Need You Back In The Fold. Come Home Brad. We Miss You CockSucker.

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