Conspiracy Theory by Jonathan Toth from Hoth is COMING SOON…

You load 16 tons of gold, that’s a lot, but
16 tons of rock is just rock…
Whether flippin’ burgers, or committin’ murders, yer
not gettin’ paid ‘til you finish servin’…
When yer usin’ debit or pursuin’ credit,
some dude’s gettin’ paid off you, cause he invented it…
What happens in the government stays in the government,
if leaks burst the dam, there’ll be no recoverin’…
It’s not surprisin’ the price of gold’s risin’,
acquirin’ it cheap, now they want you to buy it…
The 10 commandments say ‘thou shalt not,’
unless yer in the military, it doesn’t count…
So yer packin’ guns just for havin’ some fun,
how long will it take ‘til you tag someone?
If you eat their food without readin’ the news, you’ll
probably never know what they’re feedin’ to you.

“I Owe My Soul (to the Company)”
“Conspiracy Theory” by Jonathan Toth from Hoth

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