“Too High to Fight” by Tucker Booth comes out on CD next week.

Tantrum Niche Records (and our good friend John Maxfield) helped released Tucker’s new album on download (over 10,000 so far) and now they are pressing it on cd. You can order it with a donation at the Tantrum Niche website.

He also got a great review:

Hi all,

I just wanted to share something. Tucker’s new album “Too High to Fight” is coming out soon and recently a writer for a publication in Kansas City wrote a review on it. The most interesting thing about this writer is that he is not a fan of the genre of music that Tucker’s sound fits into. See what he says….

As I listen to Tucker Booth, my spirit is taken to a place where the night is falling over the east side and a low-end thump begins to stir my bones. I float with his lyrics in and out of the details of a life that is both street-wise and politically savvy. Hip-Hop can be angry and resentful. Booth takes it to a place of explanation and understanding.

Too High to Fight encompasses sixteen tracks that cover the gamut of personal experience. The stream of lyrics contain references that will be familiar to a multicultural fan base. The flow can be extremely serious then suddenly shift to moments of comic-jeweled mirth. The grooves pull in moments of Motown R&B mixed with rock-like backbeats and occasional science fiction tonalities. There are references to the death of jazz shelved next to melodic keyboard workouts that revive the genre. The range of sound keeps me pulled in as if it never wants to let go. And I don’t want to let go. Track by track, this collection draws me closer. I’m Tucker Booth’s newest fan.”

Rick Long, Freelance Writer & Bassist, Kansas City, MO.

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