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by JToth feat. Elon

Chop Louie made the beat  

[Elon] If somebody’s gonna blackmail me with money, go fuck yourself! [Pundit] But… Go, Fuck, Your self! Is that clear? I hope it is, cause That’s how I feel, and the whole world will know And we will document it in great detail [Pundit] I just wonder if… Tell it to the judge [Pundit] Well the judge is gonna be… The judge is the public [Pundit] And you think the public is going to say… Let the chips fall where they may [Pundit] There’s not a let the chips fall where they may Approach to those businesses, I don’t think… We focus on making the best products Therefore, as a leader, I’ve done more for the Environment than any single human on Earth! Named after my mentor and passer of the torch Not all trucks can be faster than a Porsche Miss the middle man, cache it from the source Sans toxicity, we managed daddy’s divorce Keep my hands clean of the woke mind virus Carry Montana like Billy Ray Cyrus Don’t film pizzas getting delivered to my crib I’m not in their club either, but they know where I live And THEY LIVE, can’t say where can’t say when, but If you do see them, odds are, you won’t be seen again Like John Macafee, Julian Assange, Seth Rich and friends What is the queen’s gambit, when it comes to them? So many questions, beginning with the letter “Q” Who goes bat shit? Who keeps their cool? Is it true, Kim Dot Com is diplomatically immune? Do I really play El Diablo better than you? What I care about is the reality of goodness, not the perception of it There is a glass ceiling, no one is above it You’ll get cut, unless you have a tough skin And what I see all over the place is people who care about Looking good and while doing evil What them? Fuck them! Fuck them Fuck them Ok? Ya



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