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A.K.A. – your favorite mc
“i’ll never leave St.Louis, but i’m nationwide”
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underated since 2007
frozen since 2010

HEAVYSET(your favorite mc) is perfect for any occassion. People of all ages have enjoyed his music for atleast a few days now. HEAVYSET has emerged on the scene like a prop on wheels during a high school play. He is known to be the guy who knows you wish you knew him. His pores seep swag juice and his mouth spits rainbows. He looks like he just got done with a double cheeseburger but smells like chocolate chip cookies. It’s rumored that he has more fans than a church without airconditioning. The name HEAVYSET brings joy and happiness to the hearts and minds of children all around the world. His reputation preceeds him in like two or three places. So the next time you lay your head down to sleep, before you drift away to dreamland, whisper his name three times….


It will be impossible for him to hear you, but you’ll wish he could. Skate or die.

you’re welcome


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