DJ Tothmeister presents: “Limited Vinyl” Mixtapes

November 1996 (recorded live from Principia College)

Side A

  1. Intro, DJ Tothmeister
  2. No Question, Concept of A.L.P.S.
  3. Liquid Swords, GZA
  4. Famous Drum Break #4, Limited Vinyl
  5. Freak it Like This REMIX, Das EFX
  6. Danger, Blazay-Blazay
  7. The What, Notorious B.I.G. feat. Method Man
  8. I Got 5 On It, The Luniz
  9. Livin’ Proof, Group Home
  10. You’re All I Need, Method Man
  11. Brooklyn Zoo, Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  12. Represent Represent, Nas
  13. Buggin’ Out, A Tribe Called Quest
  14. 7th Chamber Part 2, Wu-Tang Clan
  15. Tonite’s Da Nite, Redman
  16. It Don’t Matter, 10 Thieves

Side B

  1. Bucktown, Smif-n-Wessun
  2. The Natural, Mic Geronimo
  3. Eye for an Eye, Mobb Deep feat. Nas and Raekwon
  4. Spread the Butta, Mad Flava
  5. La Fleur La Flah, The Fab Five (OGC/Heltah Skeltah)
  6. What the Bloodclot?, Method Man
  7. No Equal, The Beatnuts
  8. Flexi wit the Tech, Artifacts
  9. The Realness, Group Home feat. Malachi
  10. Jealous One’s Envy, Fat Joe feat. KRS-ONE
  11. Ready or Not, Fugees
  12. Nothin’ to Prove, Dred Scott
  13. Back from the Dead, House of Pain
  14. Root Down REMIX, Beastie Boys

Running time: 43:15

Rated PG-13 (This WAS on the Radio)

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