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  1. Fancy Toys feat. Huggie Brown, Shane Westerhoff-Schultz and Blaine Zapain produced by Midas Wells
  2. Ticket 2 Ride feat. Blaine Zapain, Leaf and Chadd produced by Amiri
  3. Brothers McShierholz feat. Brad, Chadd and Chip Shierholz produced by Serengeti
  4. The Red Rolls Out feat. Tony Puma, Blaine Zapain and Shane Westerhoff-Schultz produced by Amiri
  5. I Gotta Wear Shades feat. Tucker Booth, Frank Friction and Blaine Zapain produced by Midas Wells
  6. Big, Blonde and Beautiful feat. Blaine Zapain produced by Jonathan Toth from Hoth
  7. She Got It Goin’ On feat. Tucker Booth, Jasmine and Blaine Zapain produced by Maji
  8. Business feat. Blaine Zapain, Floss and Leaf produced by Serengeti
  9. Shane vs. Tucker vs. Chad (freestyle) produced by Amiri
  10. Stuff According feat. Dirty Heat produced by Midas Wells
  11. Supposebly feat. MC 401 (k) and Chadd produced by Midas Wells
  12. Nancy Boys feat. Blaine Zapain and Shane produced by DJ Crucial

Running time: 37:00 (Prime)

Rated PG-13 (Tasteful cussing and adult-sensitive issues)

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