Tucker Booth makes more news in the Chevy Music Showcase

Behind The Music: Shane Witnesses A Mauling

In late 2003 as J-Toth and I were feverishly working through the summer months to complete my St. Louis underground Rap album Tucker Booth 4 President we found ourselves in the twilight of another creative day enjoying a bottle of something fine with our friend Julian Venegas. At this point in the U-City music game Julian had become one of the most noteworthy producer of indie Rap and Hip Hop and was known locally as J Gueverra and the STL Underdogs Mixtapes series. This anthology was a deftly woven lo-fi tapestry of the who’s who in the STL undreground scene. Rappers ranging from Tef Poe (who was just featured as Unsigned Hype in The Source), Huggie Brown, Black Spade (formerly of OM Records), Rockwell Knuckles (Riverfront Time’s STL Rapper OF The Year 2011), and The Frozen Food Section. Jonathan and I had unprecedented access to Jules at this time because he was also helping Jon and I with our roofing company that Toth owned…


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