Devil May Care



WilNeverTell, A Rapper Born From Atomic Ashes by Jabez Andre Baron Richard In bygone days, whenever primitive peoples would see an eclipse, they believed the world was coming to its end. One can only imagine the savage terror had they chanced to encounter WilNeverTell. He is the death’s head moth emerged from a Lovecraft cocoon. His music, the parasitic wasp burrowed into his cerebral cortex, manipulating wings and antennae with fiendish grace. Not even Godzilla could save us. Not even Mecha-Godzilla with Chuck Norris’s chin… His new album, and first ever solo release, “Devil May Care,” is a 10-year scotch aged in an oak casket. This isn’t an album you will hear on the radio, but its soundwaves are radiating past Jupiter, and mingling with the dust and debris of Saturn’s rings. Was this how Jonathan Toth from Hoth discovered him, looking through a crooked telescope for solar flares and abandoned alien spacecraft? All we know is that after joining the ranks of the Frozen Food Section, his flows dropped beneath absolute zero and froze a super nova, mid-explosion. Experts insist that the poetic incantations of WilNeverTell are the only things standing between our solar system and a full-scale attack from interdimensional invaders. We’re talking the original Asteroid for Atari, and he’s the spaceship. We’re talking if tombstones could rap and jackals could rhyme. Mercy on those who let him into their dreams, for you will wake with cursed eyes, all of the trashy layers of fakeness removed, and a pure golden cancer revealed, never to be obscured again. These are the facts, simply stated. First, there was Nomad XIII in Wilson Project. Then he got brainsick and became possessed by all of the unsung amanuenses and tunnel writers, as Earwig the Villain in Haunted Authors. It was H.A. that soul-bound our antagonist to the cult of personality known as Big Ballin’ Tony Zapien (#Raccune) and his label, Zapnow Records. Our story doesn’t end here. The metamorphosis persists. Along with Lighthouse, Serv Stacks and 8-Track Mind, WilNeverTell blazed on in PlagueDoctor, utilizing his black alchemy, and grave science to spread ear infections to school children. And if all that wasn’t enough, he has brought all of these elements together, in order to stand alone. Big Ballin’ spearheaded the recording of “Devil May Care,” and features, prominently, on several tracks. Other notorious collaborators abound from the aforementioned projects, as well as production from Ace Ha, scratches from DJ Innovation, and DJ IDLHNDS, singing from Ashley Hoppes, raps from Gho$t, Dinofour, C-Spot, Lokeye, Ritzy Fitz and many others. Listen from a distance if you want to keep your eardrums intact. You will never come to Bedlamhurst to see the damage he has sewn. You wouldn’t make it past the guard dogs at the front gate. But don’t worry. WilNeverTell will come to you, in flashes of fever dreams, the last thing you hear before you die.

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From Washington State (Bellingham to be exact) this obscure emcee was once known as a plague doctor…

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