Checks and Balances

Jonathan Toth from Hoth

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It’s difficult to deny a debt,
when your lender sees you at the bank cashing a check,
to get respect, they must give some respect,
if not, let ‘em hang, from the neck, until dead.

Metaphorically of course, be no killer, but
make ‘em beat it, like Michael Jackson in Manilla,
don’t wait til the hate turns you into thriller or
let your contract leave you less than a top biller,

see the barber, dead ends, cut ‘em loose,
do some spring cleaning, grab a broom, dust the booth,
a sprig of sage’ll do wonders to cut the proof, you
got used, bid ‘em adieu and not déjà vu.

figure like attracts like,
let ‘em be, leave the past like a past life,
live your best, they’re lucky to get a half life,
B movie, bad actors never learned to act right…

She found out the truth,
some of you so-called gangsters bleed blue,
and between me and you, these reptilian
dudes who walk among us are frightening, #MeToo,

it’s too late to stop the cypher,
full disclosure, woke ’em up and got ’em hyper,
whether an alien race or ungodly vipers,
“They Live,” props to Roddy Roddy piper,

your government sold you out,
“take me to your leader” meant hedging on a gold drought,
they know better than to bet against the house, and
even when they lose, they won’t recollect the amount,

word to the fucking Pentagon,
calling all retards like a fucking telethon,
read the writing on the wall, if you’re spelling strong,
tell the whole world, let’s expel ’em back to hell and gone.

What could they possibly want from me? In
my line of work, it means I’m onto something,
they hunt for sport and have little reason for bluffing, and
no flag when the info passer gets some roughing,

they only blow the whistle on a tattletale, from
careless whispers to loudmouths who’ve had some ale,
when you’re drowning on a sinking ship you have to bail, but
if you got no Plan B, grab a pale,

tune in to 528 Hz,
meditate collectively, put your state to work,
generate the kind of energy that makes nerds,
pray away the grays and congregate in a sane church,

it’s not crazy if we say it isn’t,
elevate to a higher level, blame Egyptians,
words matter, and shatter the snakes mission,
fuck their TV,

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J-Toth raps, sings, makes beats, records artists, mixes the music, masters it and releases it thru the Frozen Food Section. His fingerprints are usually all over anything you hear here…so hear, hear.


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