Cause I’m in Drug Court feat. Brad Millabeats

Drug court was valuable for learning about the justice system and how they operate. If you are ever bored or want some inspiration, go to jaal.

Cause I’m in Drug Court

Hey bro, want some dro? No,
What’s up dude? Grab a brew. Fuck you!
Achoo! Zyrtec’ll do the trick. Yeah except,

Cause I’m in Drug Court

I know this bar, it’s not far. I’ll wait in the car,
I am a felon though, that’s okay? No way!
I hid the drugs up my ass! I’ll pass.
Ever Vaped crack?

Cause I’m in Drug Court

Come with me to L.A? I can’t leave the state,
Ok sir, drop your pants, man…
brunch today? Sorry I got AA,
Wait, they can’t test for acid?

Cause I’m in Drug Court

It’s cool.
No really, it’s cool.
I will be out of here very soon.
Bye dudes!

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