Sk8 Liborius Roll Models feat. DJ CRUCIAL

Digital Download

[Yes, DJ CRUCIAL from F5 Records]

Lurking as a lark, for the pure enjoyment, or
Working at the park just to get your boys in
All spots exist to skate, and destroy them
Adrenaline, sex or drugs, pick your poison

Getting your fix from 10,000 flowers
or hitting your tricks for 10,000 powers
The fog of “my war” from 10,000 showers
Logging installments of 10,000 hours

Killing old codes, Xbox to locked chests, ceasing
The search for Animal Chin and Loch Ness
Some feeling old, wishing to adult less
Competing for gold, if you can pass a drug test

Anarchist athletes who win those lottos, and
Find soulmates who swallow whole bottles
Party goers put on the brakes and slow throttles
Wind up in pole position – fucking roll models

Tunnel vision is the norm for a cyclops
Or, if you’re into boards and buying blocks
For the sake of skating itself, Lord why not
Use your wood, before you end up with dry rot?

Change happens, don’t let it begrudge you
Some become men, others become dudes, the
Laws can’t be undone, just because you come to
Don’t homophobe, long boarders need love too

Scavenger hunting, clips and a script
Managing one thing for furthering bliss
Gathering yunguns for these nerve-ending whims
Probably gonna need plenty of surgical pins

Leaving black and blue prints like Blues Clues or
Doing Yutornados to bruise crews
You know? To go there, you are what you ate
I think, therefore, I am what I skate

Crusty or smooth, kinky or straight
Don’t take it personal, this is the way
Carving up cake with the pros all day
Cops showed up, cause the neighbors are lame

First time? Let it slide and forgive ‘em, but
If they’re trying to keep us off the grind, evict ‘em
The truest way to exist – barter system
You know what your problem is? Yeah, narcissism

No excuses, like pumping the loops, or
City politics got you jumping thru hoops
Rumor mill full tilt dumping the scoops, if your
Mind’s full a shit, guess you’re nothing but poop

Vain glorious stuff to get into
My man’s Delorian is clutch when the rent’s due
Straight notorious, don’t let a father bend you
Sk8 Liborius, the saga continues

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