Get Uhp feat. Jay Jonson

Digital Download 12″ Single
Get up, wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!
Colloidal silver in your shaky
Coffee, Kush and pastry
That’s a morning in the makingGet up, don’t be down with all the hating
Get up, ask me now, believe me maybe
Get up, get a life, why are you waiting
Get up, bro, it’s time to go skatingGet up, mega ramps and then you’re flying
Get up, on the heels of Koby Bryant
Get up, good concerts when you’re vibing
Get up, and stay up like meth heads before they’re dying

Get up, come back to us friend, it ain’t over
Go get some rest and stay sober
With big bird, snuffleupagus and Grover
No Manolo, Scarface or Sosa

Get up, sunrise on the horizon
Get up, like my Signal on Verizon
Get up, like Bitcoin after your buy in
Get up, like soccer players, when they’re all diving.

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