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Always Hard Concrete is owned by Bryan Bedwell. They make skateboard parks all over the USA – like Cooler BnB and Fiji.
This is their theme song.

Always Hard, carving every last carbon shard
Silica forged, masonic youth, Basilica charged
Italiano born, pasta carbonara
Our plants fuck you up – little shop of horrorsSkipping past the whores, finna fiord explore her
Flipping boards, more tricks conscripted in the Torah
Moon walking over runes, Borealis Aurora
Nuke Nagasaki, puke Soddom and GommorahDune, shoots from Muadib’s aura
Making stone out of sand duh, we’re terra-forming
Spice from the worm, to harness electric storming
God’s gift with true grit it takes to make a foremanConquer the desert in general, Stormin’ Norman
And climb cliffs like vets storming Normandy
Normally, normies can’t touch us morally
Boring me, shut your glory hole cheeks and pour the ‘crete
Always Hard, always hard…
Always Hard, our word is bond and always ours
Like good slappy curbs that are always scarred
Once upon a try, there’s nada reward, but
Once you try 10,000 times, for 10,000 hoursIt’s on, adversaries get the gong
Piss off back to your sewing circle-jerk, spin the yarn
Our only victory is building, willing to brave the norm
There’s a lonely history of sissies betting the farmNo regrets, that’s French, a coward with arms
No forgetting the war men who profit off the harm
Survival of the fittest isn’t the best for the barn
Before we blow the roof off, the calm before the stormWhen our bus pulls up, get on, but
If you’re a dick or a cunt, get the fuck off
We respect more action, and less talk, ex-
Cept for Bedwell, long as he’s talking, he’s the boss.

released June 6, 2022
Written, produced, mixed and mastered by JToth at The Cooler 4.0 in St. Louis, Missouri for

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