Organ Donor

Digital Download 12″ Single
Check your method, holler at your boy
Before you get yourself crucified like Christ Hosoi
Think of how much you’re loved by Andy Roy, you
Won’t Enjoi being behind bars like Lil WayneLeaving Mississippi Berman like a little Dane
Bringing back copers like lepers, a little lame
Paving Danny Ways like Colin McKay and them
Rodney Mullen brain waves, pinky and the craniumSince thirst grade when Mike T was taping ’em
Figgy can’t stay off the rails, he keeps making ’em
Nyjah’s gonna slide in first, so stop hating him, and
No trick is safe while Chase Webb is chasing itBaker boys make hella dough and keep on baking it, but
Even as Olympians, Karen keeps on hating ’em, for
Every skate stopper, there’s Phelpers who won’t stop breaking it
Hawk’s new job is constant gardener, he can’t stop rakin’ it in

It’s not like he would later this bitch
Gleam some cube and Christian Slater this bitch
Everybody eating like he Kader’d this bitch, I’m
Dan Maccina – I can’t see him trying to Gator this bitch

Zero fucks given like Jamie, God’s favorite
Leap of faith takers in his name, Jaws claiming it
Thank you for Tory and Dae aiming a long range lens
Welcome, not a Ryan missed Nora Blaty or Salillas

Can’t wait for Evan Smith’s next alias or
Bam to get back in shape and skate with his fellow aliens
Bridge the gap between Love Park and the Skatium
Hit every spot with your squad like 101 dalmations

Yeah Natas made a deal with Satan, so
Obviously, we all kneel and praise the church of Skatan
Where celebrities in turn worship us daily, cause
We don’t fanboy, we land boy, on bolts mainly

It’s Toth, I’m on assignment
Just Toth, the “J” is silent
All contracts are made of wood, that’s non-binding
Sign the dotted line and commit to long-time grinding

Until you’re raw, think tantric
Nothing quite satisfies as landing it, fast quick
Not as romantic as a my war Thrasher clip, but
In the long run, you’re just another man’s acid trip

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