Thanks for the Orgasms feat. Jonathan Kash

Digital Download
This is dedicated to my wife and soulmate

Thank you for seeing me, as ye and me exclusive
Thank you for not seeing my OCD as a nuisance
Thank you for believing in me, even when I’m stupid
Thanks for the orgasms, the kisses and your fluidsThanks for the longing I see, when it’s at me you’re looking
Thanks for the walks, the talks, and reading when we’re booking
Thanks for the hugs, the head, the snuggles and your cooking
Thanks for the orgasms, impassioned when we’re fuckingThank you for introducing me to your big city
Thank you for pulling through, when I was only worth your pity
Thank you for holding on to me when I was shitty
Thanks for the orgasms, your touches and your titties

Thanks for the endless nights and hours of watching movies
Thanks for the friendship, like when you and me get schmoopy
Thanks for the sexy time, cause every time was groovy
Thanks for the orgasms, your asshole and your coochie

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